My Heart

Each of our hands are designed by Fred and Jeffrey.  They are then hand carved in wax by Jeffrey using the "Lost-wax" method dating back to the Chalcolithic period (4500-3500BC). After casting, each hand is then finished by hand by Jeffrey, producing a unique piece. All hands are numbered and are available in 750 Yellow, White, Palladium White and Rose Gold. We offer three different cuff designs. Our signature design "Tristan and Isolde" has 4 Stones. "Aurora" has a single row of 14 Stones, and "Hemera" has a double row of 30 Stones. All available with VS or Black Diamonds. Mixed metals are available upon request.

All hands are available in 750 Yellow, 750 White, 750 Palladium White and 750 Rose Gold, 550 Gold and 925 Sterling Silver with VS or Black Diamonds


All hands are hand-made to order and numbered

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