The Chakra Charm Bracelet



•  750 Yellow, 750 White Palladium Gold and Oxidized Sterling Silver


•  Approximately 1.50ct VS Diamonds


•  Assorted Sapphires and White Diamonds


•  Each Chakra Charm holds its corresponding Chakra color in a Sapphire


•  Chakra Charms are approximately 11mm in length


   Red Sapphire

   Orange Sapphire

   Yellow Sapphire

   Green Sapphire

   Blue Sapphire

   Purple Sapphire

   White Sapphire


•  Handmade in Los Angeles


Wearable Art

J & F

All bracelets are available in 750 Yellow, 750 Palladium White Gold, 750 Rhodium White Gold, 750 Rose Gold and 925 Sterling Silver

 with White VS or Black Diamonds

All bracelets are hand-made to order and numbered

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