J & F  The Buddha 750 Yellow Gold White Diamonds
J & F  The Buddha 750 Yellow Gold White Diamonds

The Buddha Penant



•  750 Yellow Gold


•  Approximately 0.41ct VS Diamonds


•  73mm drop (approximately)


•  Handmade in Los Angeles


Wearable Art

J & F

Siddhartha Gautama, Introduced a body of work that later became known as Buddhism. Siddhartha or Shakyamundi as the first Buddha is also known as, is said to be the first in a long row of Buddhas that cared very deeply about humankind.  He developed a teaching, dharma, that he claimed only to have rediscovered, to aid humans with the challenges that they encountered. It teaches and illustrates how we can or may correct our ways of being to overcome the layers that keep us trapped in a world of eternal cycles of death and rebirth, Samsara.


Buddha's mother Maya, was out traveling the country as she went into labor, Buddha was born in a garden in the small village of Lumbini.


After 6 years of torturing himself in order to find the truth, he one day sat down under a Bodhi tree and vowed not to get up until he had found what he was looking for. He stayed on that very spot for weeks, meditating over his enlightenment. Mara, described as the demon of the darkness and all what is lustful in the world attempted to defeat Buddha by his strength and his cunning ways. No matter what Mara sent in Buddhas away to distract him from his meditation, Buddha would not move. He didn't allow Mara to get a hold of him.


For me personally, the image of Mara having tried all to instill fear and discomfort in Buddha so that he could/would not continue his meditation, illustrating his immense power in one final battle of Buddha's mind, Mara unleashes a war, (internal war) on Buddha, shooting arrows with fire/ horror and discomfort internally at Buddha.


As Buddha did not move or run away from his obstacles, he didn't believe or let the fear of these thoughts disrupt him, all the lethal arrows with fire turned to  flowers, showering Buddha as he sat under the Bodhi Tree. No fear of death or obstacles of any sort held any power over Buddhas mind or soul anymore. He was set free.


This was Buddhas teaching then and it still is today.


All pendants are available in 750 Yellow, 750 Palladium White Gold, 750 Rhodium White Gold, and 750 Rose Gold

 with White VS or Black Diamonds

All pendants are hand-made to order and numbered

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J & F  The Buddha 750 Yellow Gold White Diamonds