J & F  is a celebrated / creative collaboration between artist Jeffrey Gold and model / designer / therapist Ann Sofie Lakso , aka Fred.  Each unique piece is personally handcrafted, signed, and numbered by Jeffrey Gold.  Jeffrey and Fred bring to the wearable art an old world sensibility and meticulous attention to detail, which has become an everlasting hallmark of theirs.


Jeffrey and Fred's visual oeuvre have been honed by their global sensitivity and distinct influences within art and cultural hubs throughout the world.  These pieces of wearable art are a reflection of their personalities, values and traditions.  The pieces are imbued with their very own souls.

effrey was born in Los Angeles and graduated from Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA in 1983 with a B.F.A.


Exhibiting in New York since 1987 Jeffrey joined Forum Gallery, one of the leading representational galleries in the country with locations in New York and Los Angeles.


Jeffrey’s art is presently displayed in many private as well as public collections throughout the United States and Europe, and has had a distinguished one person Museum exhibition in February 2008, at Mesa Arts Center in Arizona. He has an ability to translate an idea/ design into a finished product with patience and incredible precision.  His last large project  was a three year 7' x 38' self portrait commissioned by The Scottsdale Public Art program.


Always having had an interest in sculpture, exacerbated while living in Rome years ago, he began to teach himself to sculpt in wax.  Together with his design partner, Fred, they began to create wearable art.  A figurative painter, Jeffrey has always been drawn to the human form.  Knowing that hands are the most difficult part of the body to paint and the need for challenge,  he started there using his own hands as models.  That was the birth of The Hand to Hand collection.




Wearable Art

J & F
J & F - Black and White photograph of Jeffrey Gold

red, born Ann-Sofie Lakso arrived in N.Y in the early eighties. She attended art and theatre classes/school during several years in N.Y.  She has enjoyed a successful modeling career represented by Click and Elite Modeling Agency. Ann-Sofie has worked as Creative Director for Fortune 500 companies, including Ford Motor Company. Ann-Sofie’s primary focus was to create and implement lifestyle and fashion products for the selected brands in the Ford collection of products.  She has established a fashion line under the label FRED. She owned a retail store in Los Angeles for 16 years. The store displayed hand selected unique products from around the world that she would find on her travels.


Parallel with her design work, painting and sculpting, her interest for self-expression on a deeper level led her to explore in depth the human psyche. Her interest for history, different cultures, and the individuals who have forever left an imprint on humankind, is a constant source of inspiration in all  her endeavors.


As a therapist she works with different ways of expressing internal emotions and thoughts. Reaching beyond our intellectual defense system with meditation, painting and writing.  This is translated and expressed in many aspects of the  jewelry.



J & F - Photgraph of Ann-Sofie Lakso A.K.A. Fred

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J & F - Black and White photograph of Jeffrey Gold
J & F - Black and White photograph of Jeffrey Gold