The heart helps us to understand the world through emotions. It allows us to understand our reality in a universal way.


This biological magnetic field allows us to understand each other on the emotional plane and beyond, giving us a sense of togetherness with everything. The emotional tie is what makes the bond between us individuals.

Not all options for  Hands and Clasp/Chain shown

All hands are engraved with our name, serial number and karat weight

- Handmade in Los Angeles

- H 33mm x W 20mm pendant drop (approximately)


Tristan and Isolde Cuff: X and O design VS Diamonds 0.17ct

Aurora Cuff: Single row of VS Diamonds 0.32ct

Hemera Cuff: Double row of VS Diamonds 0.34ct


Mixed metals and Bespoke available on request.

All pieces are handmade to order.

My Heart

My Heart  S with Hemera Cuff with

Hemera s/m Clasp Assembly

with 20' Idun Chain

750 Gold with VS Diamonds





My Heart S with Tristan and Isolde Cuff with

Tristan and Isolde s/m Clasp Assembly

with 20' Idun Chain

925 Silver with VS Diamonds




Wearable Art

J & F

All hands are available in 750 Yellow, 750 Palladium White Gold, 750 Rose Gold, 750 White Gold and 925 Silver with VS or Black Diamonds

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